(Purovsky NGL Plant - the first, the second and the third stages).

Scope of supply: outdoor packaged power transformer substations 2PTS–400 kVA, 2PTS–630kVA, packaged power transformer substations with emergency power supply 2PTS–2500kVA, 2PTS–630 kVA, industrial packaged power transformer substations 2PTS - 630kVA, 2PTS–1000kVA, 2 PTS–1600kVA, 2 PTS–3150kVA, MCC's based on a withdrawable units.

Scope of supply: cooperation between OOO Novatek- Purovsky ZPK and CHETA has begun in 2004 and is lasting till now. Deliveries, installation and operational commissioning of 2PTS were executed in 2004 at the first stage of Purovsky Plant construction. Later, in 2008 during the second stage of Purovsky Plant construction, CHETA LLC 0.4kV MCCs, 0.4kV switchboards and PTS with a capacity ranging from 2x1000kVA to 2x3150kVA. In 2012 and 2013 CHETA had fruitful experience in manufacturing and supply of the equipment for NOVATEK-Purovsky ZPK for its third stage of construction. The following PTS were supplied: packaged transformer substation with emergency power supply 2PTS-2500C-10/0.4-U3-2 pcs, outdoor packaged transformer substation 2PTS-400C-10/0.4-U3-1 pc, industrial packaged transformer substation 2PTS-630C-10/0.4-U3-1 pc, 2PTS-630C-10/0.4-U3-1 pc, 2PTS-1000C-0/0.4-U3-1 pc. During active interaction between CHETA's and Customer's technical specialists it became possible to make changes to the project, which allowed to reduce the project's costs. Moreover, rapid handling of issues allowed to shorten the terms of installation and operational commissioning of the equipment.