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CHETA LLC The company Major projects LLP « ZHAIKMUNAI»

(Equipment supply for the project «Electrical grid infrastructure modernization of Chinarevskoe oil/gas-condensate field»).

Design organization: LLP «Joint Enterprise « Soyuzkomplekt», Almaty

Contract signing date: 30.07.2014

Delivery expectancy: 31.12.2014

Actual delivery: November 2014

Scope of delivery:

  • Modular Packaged Switchgear 10 kV «Chinarevo-1» inside the block modular building with overall dimensions 34*9*3 with room for staff and control room.
  • Modular Packaged Switchgear 35 kV «Chinarevo-1» inside block modular building with overall dimensions (L*W*H) 29*6*3. Additional equipment – differential protection panel, differential bus protection panel, telecontrol panel , metering panel, general protection panel and automatic voltage control panel Т1 and Т2.
  • Modular Packaged Switchgear 35 kV «Burovie-1» and Modular Packaged Switchgear 35 kV «Burovie-2», joined together with metal clad switchgear 10 kV inside block modular buildings with overall dimensions 15,4*6*3. Additional equipment – on-load changing control panel, central alarm panel, telecontrol panel, metering panel.
  • Modular Packaged Switchgear 35 kV «UKPG» inside block modular building with overall dimensions 15*6*3, additional equipment - differential protection panel-35, differential bus protection panel -35.
  • Modular Packaged Switchgear 6 kV «UKPG» inside block modular building with overall dimensions 15*6*3, additional equipment – central alarm panel, differential protection panel -6, differential bus protection panel-6, automatic voltage control panel Т1, automatic voltage control panel Т2, telecontrol panel, metering panel.
  • LLP “ZHAIKMUNAI” Chinarevskoe oil/gas-condensate field automated system of electrical grid infrastructure technological supervision control of automated system (ASEGITCS).

Equipment information:

Modular Packaged Switchgears 35 kV series RSN-35 are completed with withdrawable circuit breakers type VEP 40.5, Modular Packaged Switchgears 6-10 kV series RSN-10 are completed with withdrawable circuit breakers series VEP 12. Input panels are equipped with relay protection devices set based on microprocessor unit F650 manufactured by General Electric. Protection and control panels OLC of the transformer implemented based on protection units Т35 manufactured by General Electric and unit Sirius 2 RN manufactured by CHSC «Radius Avtomatica». Central alarm panels are implemented based on BRESLER unit - 0107.050. Central alarm box (CAB) manufactured by LLC «NPP «Bresler».

Differential line protection panels 35 kV and 10 kV are implemented based on protection units L30 manufactured by General Electric. Differential bus protection panels implemented based on protection unit B30 manufactured by General Electric.

There are 2nd level automated system of supervision and technological control as a component of switchgear – telecontrol panel, automated commercial electricity metering system (ACEMS) panels. Connection to 1st level automated control system equipment (relay protection units) is implemented based on Ethernet (protocols IEC 60870-5- 104, Modbus TCP/IP). Data connection with the upper level system (control center) is implemented based on protocol IEC 60870-5-104. There is industrial loud-speaker and alarm system DVS-21 installed in telecontrol panels.

As addition to the main functions ADCS of energy system provides:

  • Organization of industrial control room and loudspeaker communication at SS and SG З5/10/6 kV;
  • Collection and processing the data from station engineering sub-systems (video monitoring, security and fire alarms, telephone communication) etc.;
  • Organization of connection to the distribution electric company (DEC) via radio relay communication line (RRCL) with emergency satellite communication channel.

ADCS of energy system is made as a partition structure on the base of power supply independent automated control systems PS (RU) З5/10/6 kV (11 space-distributed objects) and has three-level hierarchy structure. The first level includes RPA and other protection devices, electric meters PS and RU, DCS of electric equipment 0,4 kV, engineering systems equipment (control communication equipment, cameras, IP-phones etc.). The second level includes telecontrol panels (CC-TC), panel of automated commercial electricity metering system (CC-ACEMS) and data transferring equipment. The third level (control center) includes telecontrol , communication, ACEMS servers, automated operator work spaces, data transfer equipment. Data collection from relay protection units and other intelligent electronic devices within one controlled section is made by telecontrol panel CC-TC by virtue of commutation equipment. CC-TC except DATD communication controller includes also industrial commutation switches and protocol bridges, routed network, power supply units for panel devices operation. TM panel is supplied with telecontrol server which allows collect, process, accumulation of data and have HMI directly at the level of PS (RU) to provide autonomous operation of objects automation system and power supply system. All electric power meters within one controlled unit are joined to the local network and connect to DATD CC-ACEMS. Data exchange between CC-TC and CC-ACEMS, engineers sub-systems, which are in controlled units and control center is carried out via fiber-optic communication line (FICI). GSM communication line is provided as a back-up line.

Start-up operations:

The full scope of supervision and commissioning works was competed. There were no claims on work time period and quality of implementation from the Customer side. Act of state acceptance commission on the acceptance of completed project into operation signed on November 19, 2015. Less than 1 year has passed between the delivery finish dates and putting into operation. It was made because of:

  • Customer was interested in timely putting objects into operation;
  • Customer confidence in professionalism, competence and reliability of Supplier.
  • Active co-operation, mutual understanding and support between Supplier, Customer and Engineering company;
  • Supplier constructive relations specialists and representatives of the contractor installer at the site of the Customer;
  • Operational solution of issues that arise in the process of design, production equipment and performance of works on the subject.

In total were supplied the following:

2PTS for outdoor installation-630 KVА, 1000 KVА, panels PCB, PCB in BMB, PSG-10 kV в BMB, PSG-35 kV, MPS-35 kV, MPS-10 kV, MPS-6 kV, PTS- 1600/10/0,4 kV, PSG-6 kV в BMB, 2BPTS-2500/6/0,4 kV, 2BPTS-400/6/0,4 kV, UPS, PCB в BMB, telecontrol panel for gas turbine power plant, automated system of technological management control, panel DBP, panel DLP, panel CS, panels DTP and OLC, panel DP.


«Since 2007 «CHETA» LLC is a supplier of electrical equipment for various facilities of the Chinarevskoye oil and gas condensate field. It should be noted that the equipment was made at a high technical level. Circuit design, compact arrangement of equipment, qualitative installation, application of modern constructive contribute to efficient operation of equipment. For us "«CHETA»" LLC is a reliable and competent partner in the design, manufacture, commissioning of electrical equipment and timely fulfillment of contractual obligations».

— Deputy Energy Manager of «Zhaikmunai» LLP – A.A. Akunishnikov

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