Metal-clad switchgears of RSN-10 and RSN-35 series are intended for reception and distribution of three-phase 50Hz electrical power in networks with isolated and grounded via an arcing ground suppressor neutral.

RSN-10 and RSN-35 metal-clad switchgears are used for electric power supply of industrial companies, oil and gas industries and electric power plants.

Metal-clad switchgears RSN-10M of marine design are used in power supply systems for marine vessels, floating structures and gas and oil platforms. Metal-clad switchgears RSN-10M have a corresponding certificate of type approval from the Russian Maritime register of shipping.

Main features:

  • panels of metal-clad switchgears are manufactured of galvanized steel thickness 2mm and have rigid steel design due to double bend technology;
  • panel’s enclosure consists of breaker, bus bars, cable and relay compartment. All 3 main compartments are independent and separate; this provides localization of emergence of short circuit through an arc within any panel’s compartments.
  • inside the compartment of busbars fully isolated silver-plated D-type copper buses are installed; due to this they have increased mechanical resistance.
  • metal-clad switchgears have all necessary mechanical and electrical interlocks to ensure safety of staff.

Basic specifications

Parameter Parameter value
RSN-10     RSN-35
Rated voltage, kV 6 10     35
Maximum operating voltage, kV 7,2 12     40,5
Rated power frequency withstand voltage (1 minute) , kV 32 42     75
Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage, kV 60 75     190
Rated current of bus bars, A 630/1250/1600/2000/2500/4000 1250
Rated short time withstand current, 3s, kA 20 25 31,5 40 51 25
Peak withstand current, kA 51 64 81 105 135 64
Type of vacuum circuit breaker Vd4 ABB, VEP12 «CHETA» Vd4 ABB, VEP35 CHETA
Maintenance conditions Unilateral and bilateral access bilateral access
Overall dimensions, mm    
- width 550, 650, 800, 1000 1200
- depth 1400, 1600 2500, 2800
- height 2250 2200
Protection Upon customer's approval. It is possible to use relay protection units of any type from domestic or foreign manufacturer.


Full description and schemes of RSN-10 and RSN-35 metal-clad switchgears are contained in the technical specifications КШПЕ.140.001-13 and КШПЕ.140.002-13 accordingly.