CHETA offers a high-voltage switchgear with gas insulation in three-phase version of GFM-126 type and version in segregated-phase arrangement of B-105 type. It is intended for reception, distribution and transfer of electric energy in circuits of AC power, 50 Hz frequency and with voltage of 110 kV and 220 kV, respectively.

Modularity of GIS panels provides the reliability, maintainability, compactness and ease of installation, simplifies operation and performance of various operations, allowing to reduce the cost of installation and maintenance. Arrangement of gas compartments of GIS allows to replace any gas compartment without the need for complete GIS de-energizing.

Main technical data

Name of the parameter Value of the parameter
Type GFM-126 B-105
Enclosure design three phase single-phase
Rated voltage, kV 126 252
Rated current, A 2500/3150 2000/4000
Rated frequency, Hertz 50 50
Rated short-time withstand voltage, (1 min), kV 230 To 530
Rated voltage of lightning impulse, kV 550 1050
Rated breaking current, kA 40 To 63
Rated Short-time withstand current 40 кА/4 s Up to 63 кА/3 s
Drive type hydraulic/spring spring
Mechanical durability at rated short-circuit current 20 To 20
Mechanical durability of breaker 10 000 10 000
Mechanical durability of disconnect switch 10 000 2 000
Mechanical durability of earthing device 10 000 2 000
Temperature of the environment -25°С ~ +40°С -25°С ~ +40°С

GIS panel is assembled using modules of high factory readiness.

This cubicle consists of the following modules: input and output insulators, disconnector switch/earthing switch/high speed earthing switch, current transformers, circuit breaker, busbars/disconnector, earthing switch and local control panel.

The panel of the GIS can be produced in two versions: with overhead input/output Main technical data or cable input/output.

In addition to structural safety, the reliability of GIS is also provided by real-time monitoring of the condition of SF6 (controlled parameters: density, humidity, temperature and pressure of the gas) and monitoring the level of partial discharges.

It should be noted that installation costs for GIS construction are slightly higher than for the construction of outdoor switchgear, using the same scheme. However, GIS operating costs due to weak climatic effect and higher reliability of its elements are lower than the operating costs of outdoor switchgear.