Automated control system of gas-compressor unit

ACS GCU on the controllers
ControlLogix series of Allen Bradley
and Flexlogix (Rockwell Automation) base
includes smart panels of LVCD and supplied
integrated in block-modular building.

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CHETA LLC Production Automatic condenser plants (ACP) for reactive power compensation series AKU
Automatic condenser plants (ACP) for reactive power compensation series AKU Print

The ACP for the reactive power compensation series AKU is made according to GOST 27389-87. It is intended for power factor increase in automatic and semi-automatic modes during connecting to power line at the transformer substation or directly to the consumer. There are modifications with orificing. Current settings and pick values of measured values are saved in a non-volatile memory, it is important for sudden or planned power loss.

  • Rated voltage of power line: 400V (+10%, -15%), 50Hz.
  • Rated power: 75, 150, 300, 360, 400, 600 and 800kVAr.
  • Overload factor of current: 1,3.
  • Usage environment: -5 to +40°С, 80% relative humidity at 25°С.

ACP has following functions:

  • Display U, I, f, Q, P, S, cos(φ), harmonic distortions THDU and THDI, values for odd harmonics (1 to 19);
  • Display of current values on condensers;
  • Display of switch-over amounts of each batteries;
  • Display total time of turning on of each batteries;
  • Programming of detuning level detuning (0 to 15% for automatic shunt capacitors);
  • Individual programming of capacitors’ power;
  • Program thermal cutoff;
  • Control solid state starters;
  • Automatic or manual programming;
  • Access password security;
  • Selected desired соs(φ);
  • Integration capability to automatic shunt capacitors by dint the port RS-485 (if specified in the order);
  • Alarm system.

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