ACU for reactive power compensation are manufactured according to GOST 27389-87. They are intended for power factor correction in automatic and semiautomatic modes during connection to power line at the transformer substation or at the consumer site. Power factor controller controls ACU. Modifications with chokecoil are available. Settings and peak values of measured parameters are saved in a non-volatile memory, which is important for power loss.

ACU has following functions:

  • Rated supply voltage: 0.4 kV, 6 (10) kV 50 Hz.
  • Rated power: 25... 1200 kVAr for 0,4 kV; 50...5400 kVAr for 6 (10) kV.
  • Overcurrent factor: 1,3.
  • Operating conditions: from +5°C to +40°C with relative humidity of 80 percent at 25°C.

ACU has the following functions:

  • indication on the display of U, I, f, Q, P, S, cos(φ), harmonic distortion coefficients THDU and THDI, values for odd harmonics from 1 to 19;
  • indication of current values in capacitor’s circuits;
  • indication of switching operations number for each capacitor bank;
  • indication of total switching times for each capacitor bank;
  • programming of the stage adjustment degree from 0 to 15 percent (for ACU with choke);
  • individual programming of capacitor's power;
  • programmable overtemperature protection;
  • control of semiconductor switches;
  • automatic or manual programming;
  • access protection with password;
  • setting of required соs(φ);
  • possibility of integration in to Automatic Control System;
  • alarm system.