AC- and DC- UPS systems are produced applying UPS and rectifier chargers from leading global manufacturers (AEG, GE, BENNING etc.).

It is possible to manufacture systems with output voltage from 220VDC to 24VDC, from 16 to 1000A and 230/400V and up to 4000A AC current. Accumulator batteries with guaranteed operating life up to 18-20 years, which could be operated within wide range from -50 °C to +60 °C could be included into the system.

System can perform following functions:

  • receipt of electrical power from AC source of supply;
  • AC to DC conversion, followed by DC to AC conversion with necessary characteristics;
  • receipt of electrical power from accumulator battery and protection of battery from deep discharge;
  • electrical energy distribution to consumers;
  • protection of input and output lines against short circuits and overloads;
  • control of DN circuit’s insulation resistance and automatic (manual) definition of outgoing line with low insulation resistance;
  • monitoring of equipment conditions and connection with ACS.

There is a full technical detail in NKU.140.114-14.