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Soft start systems are produced based on high-voltage soft-starters and RSN-10 compartments (technical information KSPE.140.001-13). They are usually manufactured like a single structure, i.e., soft-starter is integrated into a 6(10) kV switchgear. The system is intended to reduce of starting current in synchronous and asynchronous electric motors up to 17,4 Mwatt, dynamic shock load on wire mechanisms, voltage drops in a network and service life increase of installed equipment in various branches of industry and energy. Relative starting current is 2-6 J rated it is subject to preliminarily approval of the customer.

Topology: three-phase thyristor voltage controller.

Nominal operating mode - intermittent (S3) per GOST IEC 60034-1-2014 with time of continuous operation up to 90 seconds (three starts in a row with the start time up to 30 sec) and load transfer to bypass followed by a pause of at least 10 minutes.

As a rule, every soft starter’s system has an industrial controller, which completes tasks of automatic, manual and remote control. This device is installed in busbar panel or telemechanical panel, which controls the whole distribution device operation.

Production of global leading companies is used for power thyristors and control modules of soft start systems.

Withdrawable vacuum circuit breakers and withdrawable and fixed vacuum contactors are used as an incomer switches to soft starters. One system with soft starter is usually intended for starting 1-5 motors. Parameters of 2 different power drives could be programmed to the control system of soft starter - it increases flexibility of work.

More detailed information is contained in TU 3414-005-5408888-2015 and operations manual КШПЕ.674.21.001RE.

Type designation of high-voltage soft starters.

Examples of high-voltage soft starters’ designation:

Example of high-voltage soft starter designation: VUPP-60250-220AC UHL4 – a high-voltage soft starter with 6kV motor drive, rated current up to 250A, control voltage of 220V, frequency - 50Hz. It is better to order high-voltage soft starters using questionnaire for analysis of usage mode while operation.

Particular systems of technical equipment control are designed and manufactured individually with due regard to all the requirements, reflected in the questionnaire.

Most commonly, these systems are designed, manufactured and delivered to a customer in modular buildings with maximum readiness. Systems that provide optimal temperature conditions for the reliable operation of all equipment package, regardless of the outside temperature in the range of + 35 °C ~ -60 °C are embedded in buildings. These solutions make it possible to mount the installation, perform startup & commissioning works within 45-60 days.

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