Automated control systems are one of the key products of CHETA LLC. Automation systems developed by specialists of the factory have been implemented on many oil and gas, chemical and metallurgy facilities:

  • local control system of process units and installations: ACS of compressor units, modular pumping stations, chemical dosing units and other technological equipment;
  • process control system: APCS of extraction facilities and oil transportation, compressor stations for oil-dissolved, Central Processing Facility, booster compressor stations and various production lines on other industrial sites;
  • process control systems of energy supply: APCS of pumping stations of the household and fire water supply, water removal, ACS of electrical power supply/ACS of substations of different voltage class.

The automated control systems are implemented with the use of software and hardware of the leading foreign and domestic manufacturers: software and hardware of APCS (Siemens, GE-IP, Rockwell Automation, WAGO, GK TEKON, OVEN, NPF Sensorika etc.), software and hardware of electrical power supply ACS (GE Energy, GE Multilin, NTK Interface, ProSoft-Systems, NPO MIR, NPP Bresler etc.). CHETA offers the following range of works including all main stages in establishing systems of automation:

  • pre-design works, technical specification development;
  • development of design and engineering documentation;
  • components supply, manufacturing of panels;
  • software development, testing and bench testing of equipment;
  • erection supervision and commissioning works, deployment, customer’s personnel training;
  • warranty and post-warranty technical support.

«CHETA» LLC has the necessary permits to carry out activities for the design, production, accomplishment of erection supervision and commissioning works.