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Modular buildings manufactured by CHETA LLC are of different modifications and vast scope of application. They are notable for high quality of steel structures assembly and availability of additional anticorrosion treatment against corrosive environments. Modular buildings are highly prefabricated due to application of connectors in inter-block electric connections and can be exposed to multiple dislocations.

Description of modular buildings and some typical solutions are given in technical specifications NKU.140.014-12. In addition, modular building can be used on projects which are differing from the typical ones upon additional agreement with CHETA. Moreover, our specialists considering the technical requirements for design can do the project.

CHETA manufactures administrative building in modular design.

Technical parameters of modular building:

  1. Climatic conditions of operation:
    • ambient air temperature of -60°С ~ +55°С;
    • relative air humidity – up to 80% at temperature +15°С.
  2. Overall dimensions of the building depend on Customer’s choice. The maximum dimensions of the transport section, mm are the following:

    width – 3250 max;
    length – 14200 max;
    height (depends upon the width of the building) – 4000 max.

  3. Fire rating II-IV according to SNiP 21-01-97.
  4. Explosion and fireproof degree of safety (as per NPB 105-03) – Q3 (Q4), G, D. Modular building meets the requirements of SNiP 2.01.07-85, SNiP II-7-81 in the part of seismic resistance in case of seismic loading intensity of 9 points (by MSK-64 scale).
  5. Heating of the module is electric (electric convection heaters or infrared heaters). Automatic control of the electrical heaters from the temperature sensor is available. Indoor temperature ranges +5°С ~ +18°С.
  6. The building is provided with operative and emergency lighting. Lamps with protection degree IP54 with photo sensor are used for outdoor lighting above the entrances to the block. Emergency lights are installed with built-in batteries.
  7. Type of ventilation of buildings is determined by the Customer: natural, forced or conditioning.
  8. In case when modular building is to be installed at explosion hazard zones, they furnished with equipment for supporting an overpressure of explosive gases to avoid the ingress of explosive gases inside the modular building.
  9. The oil reservoir with a capacity of 1.2 oil volume of the power transformer is mounted in the base of the module and is equipped with an oil drainage device.
  10. Service platforms and power transformers roll-out platforms, foundation grills and cable trays can be added to the scope of supply upon customer’s request.
  11. Factory supply provides the full set of marked cables and wiring of interunit connections.
  12. Inter-panel connections inside the module are made at factory in full scope.
  13. The safety equipment and emergency fire-fighting equipment are supplied complete with E-house on the requirement of the checklist.
  14. The spaces of modular buildings are fitted with fire and protective alarm with the output signal in case if specified in the order.
  15. Strapping and moving of modular building during transportation and installation should be performed using of standard 4SK slings for brackets, located on the roof of the building.

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