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CHETA LLC Production Packaged transformer substations 35/0.4 kV
Packaged transformer substations 35/0.4 kV Print

Packaged outdoor transformer substations 35/0.4kV are intended for power receipt, conversion and distribution of three-phase alternating current of industrial frequency. They are manufactured according to Technical Regulations TU 27.11.4-001-5408882-2017 (Packaged Transformer Substations with input voltage up to 35 kV and output voltage up to 1 kV, including in modular buildings) with technical information KTP.140.001-18 in heated insulated packaged modular buildings for development of oil fields. Packaged transformer substation is a ready-to-operate with equipment inside, divided into the following compartments:

  • compartment of 35kV distribution board with high-voltage input panels;
  • compartment of low-voltage distribution board, panels of auxiliaries, UPS panels, fan control and a terminal panel. Capacitor units can be set up optionally. Panel with two plugs ШЩ-70 can be installed outside the switchgear 0.4kV at Customer’s request.
  • compartments of power transformers are fitted out with airproof oil catcher for the full volume of transformer oil and a pump for oil extraction.

Scopes of supply, composition of electrical equipment are decided by a project.

Advantages of packaged transformer substations PTS 35/0.4kV:

  • the shortest time of installation, commissioning due to factory readiness;
  • no need in transmission substations 6 (10) kV;
  • short-time dismantling and movement of modules;
  • comfortable and safe service.

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