КТП КЛАССА НАПРЯЖЕНИЙ 6(10)/0,4 кВ И 10/0,69 кВ



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CHETA LLC Production Packaged transformer substations KTP 6(10)0.4kV and 10/0.69kV
Packaged transformer substations KTP 6(10)0.4kV and 10/0.69kV Print

Packaged transformer substations 100, 160, 250, 400, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000 and 3150 kVA target at power receive, conversation and distribution of three-phase alternating current on a frequency of 50 Hz and it is used for electric power supply of industrial companies, oil and gas industries. At the specified conditions packaged transformer substations are equipped with automatic transfer switch, which based on a microprocessor controller with a remote measuring, a remote control and a line contactor. Specifications of a digital channel with automatic control and power management systems are stipulated in the contract. Packaged transformer substations are manufactured as per GOST 14695-80, GOST R 51321.1-2007 (part of low-voltage switchgear’s specifications) and GOST 14693-90 (part of high-voltage device’s specifications).

There are two kind of high-voltage panels:

  • using air or SF6 circuit breakers with surge arresters and fuses.
  • using vacuum breakers with a transformer protections.

Type and manufacturer of three phase two winding power transformers of packaged transformer substations are stipulated in the design.

«CHETA» uses circuit breakers of world’s and Russian leading companies as power devices.

Designing recommendations are in NKU.140.003-12. There are recommendations for designing and some typical solutions for outside installation of modular buildings of packaged transformer substations. «CHETA» manufactures unitized auxiliary transformer substations for power sectors’ needs. Unitized auxiliary transformer substations are manufactured with withdrawable units of one sided or two sided access. It has segmentation more than 3b (if specify 4b in order) that is corresponding GOST R 51321-2007. Input circuit breakers (if available and tie) and feeder breakers above 630 A are withdrawable, line breakers for current up to 630 A and control modules of electric motors up to 250 kVA are on a withdrawable modules. Units and withdrawable circuit breakers have four modes:

  • operating;
  • test;
  • withdrawable;
  • remove.

Except input and line panels, BOP needs transformer substations have overall bus tie and transformer control panels. Recommendations of design and detailed descriptions are in NKU.140.113-14.

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