Block-modular buildings

Our block-modular buildings
are characterized by presence of
additional anticorrosion treatment
as applied to certain maintenance conditions.

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CHETA LLC offers system solutions for organization of power supply of various industrial facilities.


Product lineup offered by the company includes all basic components of power supply system, ranging from MCCs & low voltage distribution boards to packaged transformer substations 110/35/6(10) kV with integrated automation systems:

  • MCCs;
  • UPS systems for auxiliaries & Emergency power supply (AC&DC types);
  • automation systems;
  • relay protection
  • packaged transformer substations (PTS) 10 (6)/0.4 kV and 35/0.4kV;
  • metal-clad switchgears 10(6) kV;
  • 0.4 kV and 10(6) kV soft starters & frequency drives;
  • packaged transformer substations (PTS) 35/10(6) kV;
  • transformer substations 110/35/10(6) kV;
  • E-Houses - modular buildings with an engineering life support system;
  • power factor correction units.

Reduction of expenditure and time for designing and construction as well as efficiency upgrading of power facilities operation are of great importance nowadays. In its activities, the company focuses on meeting the needs of customers to improve economic efficiency through the possibility of obtaining from single source a complete comprehensive proposal for the supply and commissioning of electrical equipment. This approach refuses “product solution” when equipment is assembled element by element by different suppliers, installed at site by third enterprises and put into operation overcoming multiply difficulties for integration of equipment from different manufacturers. Our solutions of packaged supply are based on the following fundamental principles:

  • uniformity of the main design, structural and technological solutions achieved by means of close collaboration with customer’s project organizations and engineering teams at engineering solutions and designing stages;
  • equipping all the components of power electrical equipment with dispatching means (built-in monitoring and control systems) at the design and manufacturing stage
  • maximum factory readiness of the product, which implies, primarily checkassembly and comprehensive acceptance testing with the participation of the customer at the production site;
  • direct involvement of CHETA LLC specialists in installation, adjustment and commissioning of the equipment;
  • training of specialists of the operating organization and technical support;
  • after-sales service and out-of-warranty service.

CHETA has all necessary competences and resources to solve this task:

  • availability of qualified engineering personnel in the field of design, manufacturing, commissioning and putting into operation of electrical equipment, automation systems (the structure of the enterprise includes engineering units, providing implementation of complex engineering projects in the area of electrical supply - the departments of project design, low voltage & medium voltage design, relay protection, electrical drives, automated process control systems, wiring and commissioning works;
  • material and technical resources combining modern production capacities, offices and warehouses and certified electrotechnical laboratory equipped with all necessary testing tools;
  • considerable experience and an extensive reference list;
  • availability of certificates for equipment and for design and construction work.
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Reference list

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