(Integrated development of South-Tambay Gas-Condensate field. Complex of preparation of gas liquefaction. Seaport, base camp, POL storage).

Scope of delivery: Complete power transformer substations 2BKTPA-2000С/6/0,4 kV, 2KTP–2500, 2KTP-1000, 2BKTPA-1000 kVA, MCC panels.

Equipment information: Double- and three-section transformer substation of voltage class 10/0,4 kV at 4b form in block-modular buildings based on “General Electric” equipment, UPS systems for power from 5 to 30 kVA with working time from 60 to 480 minutes, soft starter system with capacity of 6.6 mW with Solcon power unit at Dynex thyristors, 10kV switchgear based on VEP-12 breakers (consists of 10 RSN-10 compartments) as well as LVCD’s of withdrawable modules design. Also there were supplied 7 one-ended and double-ended mobile substations with capacity 630 kVA for base camp with provided universal cable entry. According to the customer request - delivery should be done in the shortest time. Team-work of technical employees of «CHETA» and YAMAL LNG companies enabled to supply substation within 45 days. Erection and commissioning works were carried out by «CHETA» staff.