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CHETA LLC The company Major projects OOO YAMAL LNG

(South-Tambay Gas-Condensate field. Liquefied gas preparation complex. Seaport, shift camp, fuel and lubricants warehouse, 4th process line for liquefied gas production).

Scope of supply: modular packaged transformer substations 2PTS-2000N/6/0.4 kV, 2PTS-2500, 2PTS-1000, modular packaged transformer substations with emergency power supply 2PTS-1000 kVA, LVDBs, 6, 10 kV indoor switchgears, heating panels and UPS.

Supply information: double- and three-section transformer substations of 10/0.4 kV voltage class in 4b form of separation modular building based on General Electric equipment, UPS systems for power ranging from 5 to 30 kVA with backup time of 60 - 480 minutes, soft starter system with capacity of 6.6 mW with Solcon power unit and Dynex thyristors, 10kV switchgear based on VEP-12 breakers (consists of 10 RSN-10 cubicles) as well as MCCs. In addition to this, 7 one-ended and double-ended mobile substations with capacity of 630 kVA for shift camp with provided universal cable entry were supplied. According to the customer request - delivery was to be done in the shortest time. Team-work of technical employees of CHETA and YAMAL LNG enabled to supply substation within 45 days. Erection and commissioning works were carried out by CHETA's personnel.

Furthermore, for the Yamal LNG project during 2017-2020 CHETA LLC manufactured and put into operation:

  • More than 20 transformer substations of electric heating with skin-effect.
  • Electrical equipment for the 4th technological line: substations ESS-019, ESS- 047, ESS-049 and ESS-005. As part of these substations in modular design CHETA has supplied 10 kV packaged switchgears, 0.4 kV LV switchgears, MCC panels for technological equipment, compressor units and air-cooled gas units, guaranteed power systems of various capacities and different voltages, DC switchboards, lighting and ventilation control panels and auxiliary switchboards.
  • Control panels for trace heating were also produced and shipped as part of the equipment for the 4th production line.
  • Yuzhno-Tambeyskoye field received several cluster substations with emergency power supply (DPP).

Apart from electrical equipment for power supply and control of technological equipment, production and transportation of raw materials, the company manufactured and put into operation products designed for power supply of the seaport (transformer substations ESS-071, ESS-070), transformer substations for shift camp, fuel and lubricants warehouse and other general facilities of the plant.

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