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CHETA LLC The company Major projects «YARGEO» LLC (NOVATEK)

(Arrangement of Yarudeyskoye field).

Design organization: GIPRONG-ECOM, IPIgaz

Contract signing date: June 2013

Delivery expectancy: 31.07.2014

Actual delivery: July 2014

Scope of delivery:

  • Complete transformer substations with capacity from 63 up to 2500kVА for voltage 10/0,4 kV (22 pcs.).
  • Linear consumer blocks.
  • Block-boxes with LVCD.

Equipment information:

The main goal of the Customer is timely putting of equipment into commercial operation, which means that development of the field should have been completed on time.

«CHETA» LLC fulfilled its obligations in full under the supply contract and on time.

The design and working documentation required deep processing both in the part of the schemes of electric power supply of cluster sites and in the part of the layouts of PTS. The redesigning took place in the design institutes with the participation of the specialists of «CHETA»LLC in parallel with the manufacture of PTS.

PTS was manufactured using the following components:

  • HVSG, consisting of chambers of prefabricated unilateral servicing (type КСО) with ALT. ALT was implemented on BB-TEL circuit breakers with usage of Multilin F650 (GE) relay protection terminals. The terminals have their own programmable logic and allow implementing any logic of the ALT operation.
  • Power transformers are by Minsk electrical plant, dry with windings AL. All transformers were equipped with thermal relays. The signal of overheating from these relays was used in the circuit of PTS protection.
  • PTS transformers for pads were installed in separate compartments equipped with a forced ventilation system.
  • LVCD - was manufactured on the basis of GE equipment. Input and section circuit breakers are in withdrawable design.

Each product includes a telecontrol panel. With the help of this panel, signals are collected about the status of the input circuit breakers and the sectional breaker in LVCD, the status of the circuit breakers in HVSG and status of breakers that feed drowned pumps. Also telecontrol panel displays signal of the temperature inside the building.

Start-up operations:

The full scope of installation and commissioning works was implemented by contractor organization. «CHETA» LLC implemented commissioning works. There were no claims on equipment quality in the process of work implementation from the Customer.

In total were supplied the following:

Complete power transformer substations 2KTP-2500/10/0,4 kV, 2KTP-1600/10/0,4 kV, 2KTP- 1000/10/0,4 kV, 2KTP-630/10/0,4 kV, 2KTP-400/10/0,4 kV, 2KTP-250/10/0,4 kV, LVCD block-boxes.


«The delivered equipment is manufactured at a high technical level, with good quality of installation. The quality of the design documentation and the promptness of technical issues solving meets our requirements. During the joint work «CHETA» LLC has established itself as a developer and manufacturer of high quality.».

— General Director of LLC «YARGEO» - A.I. Buharov.

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