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CHETA LLC The company Major projects

(Equipment supply for the project «Electrical grid infrastructure modernization of Chinarevskoe oil/gas-condensate field»).

Design organization: LLP Joint Enterprise Soyuzkomplekt, Almaty

Contract signing date: 30.07.2014

Delivery expectancy: 31.12.2014

Actual delivery: November 2014

Scope of supply:

  • Modular Packaged 10 kV Switchgear «Chinarevo-1» inside modular building with overall dimensions of 34*9*3 having a room for staff and control room.
  • Modular Packaged 35 kV Switchgear «Chinarevo-1» inside modular building with overall dimensions of (L*W*H) 29*6*3. Additional equipment – line differential protection panel, bus differential protection panel, telecontrol panel, metering panel, general protection panel and automatic voltage control panel T1 and T2.
  • Modular Packaged 35 kV Switchgear «Burovie-1» and «Burovie-2», joined together with 10 kV metal clad switchgear inside modular buildings with overall dimensions of 15,4*6*3. Additional equipment – on-load changing control panel, central alarm panel, telecontrol panel and metering panel.
  • Modular Packaged 35 kV Switchgear for complex gas treatment plant «UKPG» inside modular building with overall dimensions of 15*6*3, additional equipment - line differential protection panel-35, bus differential protection panel -35.
  • Modular Packaged 6 kV Switchgear «UKPG» inside modular building with overall dimensions of 15*6*3, additional equipment – central alarm panel, line differential protection panel-6, bus differential protection panel-6, automatic voltage control panel T1, automatic voltage control panel T2, telecontrol panel and metering panel.
  • Automated dispatch control system of electric grid infrastructure of Chinarevskoye OGCF, Zhaikmunai LLP.
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(Supply of equipment for the project «Yuzhno-Russkoye field development. Installation of LNG processing equipment»).

Design organization: PAO Yuzhniigiprogaz, Donetsk

Contract signing date: December 2006

Delivery expectancy: 31.04.2007

Actual delivery: March – April, 2007

Scope of supply:

  • MCC panels with withdrawable units for water supply compressor station, methanol and regenerates compressor station, Tri Ethylene Glycol regeneration unit, first and second gas drying units, switching valves and gas metering buildings, sewage treatment facility buildings and pumping building of deep layer injection.
  • Packaged transformer substations 2PTSA-1000/10/10/0.4 kV for power supply building, water supply compressor and Tri Ethylene Glycol regeneration unit.

(Equipment supply for the project "Arrangement of Valanginian deposits of Samburgskoye field for the period of test operation. Installation of LNG processing equipment).

Design organization: PAO Yuzhniigiprogaz, Donetsk

Contract signing date: September 2011

Delivery expectancy: 31.12.2011

Actual delivery: December, 2011

Scope of supply:

  • Industrial packaged transformer substation 2PTS-1600C-6/0.4-U3 for gas and condensate processing unit.
  • Industrial packaged transformer substations PTS-400N-6/0.4-U3, modular 2PTS- 1600S-6/0.4 kV with emergency power supply, industrial modular 2PTS-1250S- 6/0.4 kV, industrial modular 2PTS- 1600S-6/0.4 kV for GPU.
  • MCCs with withdrawable units.
  • Automated capacitor units (ACU) for transformer substation.
  • ATS panels.
  • MCC panels with soft start panel.
  • Step-up transformers enclosure.
  • Hinged power panels, lighting panels, power distribution panels, panels with circuit breaker and switch, control boxes 5111, panels with plug in circuit breaker and fuses and lighting control panels 9601.
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(Arrangement of Yarudeyskoye field).

Design organization: GIPRONG-ECOM, IPIgaz

Contract signing date: June 2013

Delivery expectancy: 31.07.2014

Actual delivery: July 2014

Scope of supply:

  • Packaged transformer substations with capacity from 63 up to 2500 kVA for voltage 10/0,4 kV (22 pcs).
  • Linear consumer blocks.
  • LV switchgear enclosures.
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(Bisphenol A production plant)

Scope of supply: industrial packaged power transformer substations 2PTS–1600 kVA, 2 PTS – 1000 kVA, MCC with withdrawable units.

Supply information: basing on technical design assignment (developed in cooperation with TOYO Engineering corporation) CHETA’s specialists carried out works on initial data movement to General Designer OAO Samaraneftechimproekt. Moreover, CHETA participated in development of design documentation. After equipment supply pre-commissioning works have been carried out in a very short time with the participation of CHETA’s engineers and the plant was brought into operation in time (in 2007).

During operation period CHETA didn't receive any claims.


(Unit for production of elementary sulphur as part of combination hydrogen sulfide processing unit; unit of absorption and hydrocarbon gases declustering of hydrocarbon gases, atmospheric and vacuum crude unit, Distribution Transformer Substation.)

Scope of supply: packaged power transformer substations 2PTS–1000 kVA, 2 PTS – 1600 kVA, MCC panels.

Equipment information: LVDB and PTS were made based on General Electric equipment. Competing with Siemens according to the aggregate characteristics of the products CHETA was chosen as the winner of the tender.


(South-Tambay Gas-Condensate field. Liquefied gas preparation complex. Seaport, shift camp, fuel and lubricants warehouse, 4th process line for liquefied gas production).

Scope of supply: modular packaged transformer substations 2PTS-2000N/6/0.4 kV, 2PTS-2500, 2PTS-1000, modular packaged transformer substations with emergency power supply 2PTS-1000 kVA, LVDBs, 6, 10 kV indoor switchgears, heating panels and UPS.

Supply information: double- and three-section transformer substations of 10/0.4 kV voltage class in 4b form of separation modular building based on General Electric equipment, UPS systems for power ranging from 5 to 30 kVA with backup time of 60 - 480 minutes, soft starter system with capacity of 6.6 mW with Solcon power unit and Dynex thyristors, 10kV switchgear based on VEP-12 breakers (consists of 10 RSN-10 cubicles) as well as MCCs. In addition to this, 7 one-ended and double-ended mobile substations with capacity of 630 kVA for shift camp with provided universal cable entry were supplied. According to the customer request - delivery was to be done in the shortest time. Team-work of technical employees of CHETA and YAMAL LNG enabled to supply substation within 45 days. Erection and commissioning works were carried out by CHETA's personnel.

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(Zapadno Salymskoe field, Verkhne-Salymskoe field, Vadelypskoe field)

Equipment: packaged transformer substations for outdoor installation 2PTS–2500 kVA, 2PTS–1000 kVA, 2PTS–1250 kVA, 2PTS–1250/35/0.4kV, indoor switchgear in modular building – 35kV, Relay Protection and Automation panels, MCC enclosures.

Scope of supply: in 2006 CHETA LLC supplied substation of voltage class 35/0.4 kV, 6/0.4 kV in modular buildings based on Schneider Electric equipment. Due to Customer request in substation for voltage class 35/0.4 kV withdrawable vacuum circuit breakers VD4 of ABB production were applied and in substation for voltage class 6/0.4 kV - SM6/RM6 panels. Erection and commissioning works were not required since Salym Petroleum Development N.V. staff was trained for such works during erection and commissioning works of substations shipped before (in the period of 2007-2015).


(Purovsky NGL Plant - the first, the second and the third stages).

Scope of supply: outdoor packaged power transformer substations 2PTS–400 kVA, 2PTS–630kVA, packaged power transformer substations with emergency power supply 2PTS–2500kVA, 2PTS–630 kVA, industrial packaged power transformer substations 2PTS - 630kVA, 2PTS–1000kVA, 2 PTS–1600kVA, 2 PTS–3150kVA, MCC's based on a withdrawable units.

Scope of supply: cooperation between OOO Novatek- Purovsky ZPK and CHETA has begun in 2004 and is lasting till now. Deliveries, installation and operational commissioning of 2PTS were executed in 2004 at the first stage of Purovsky Plant construction. Later, in 2008 during the second stage of Purovsky Plant construction, CHETA LLC 0.4kV MCCs, 0.4kV switchboards and PTS with a capacity ranging from 2x1000kVA to 2x3150kVA. In 2012 and 2013 CHETA had fruitful experience in manufacturing and supply of the equipment for NOVATEK-Purovsky ZPK for its third stage of construction. The following PTS were supplied: packaged transformer substation with emergency power supply 2PTS-2500C-10/0.4-U3-2 pcs, outdoor packaged transformer substation 2PTS-400C-10/0.4-U3-1 pc, industrial packaged transformer substation 2PTS-630C-10/0.4-U3-1 pc, 2PTS-630C-10/0.4-U3-1 pc, 2PTS-1000C-0/0.4-U3-1 pc. During active interaction between CHETA's and Customer's technical specialists it became possible to make changes to the project, which allowed to reduce the project's costs. Moreover, rapid handling of issues allowed to shorten the terms of installation and operational commissioning of the equipment.


(Supply of equipment, supervision, installation and commissioning works. Severo- Urengoyskoye field).

Facility: Gas condensate reservoirs construction at the Eastern Dome of the North- Urengoyskoye field for the period of pilot and field testing. GTU 2.

Equipment: MCC, LV package.

Facility: Severo-Urengoyskoye field. Pumping station of foam fire extinguishing. Condensate de-ethanization unit.

Equipment: automatic capacitor units, uninterruptible power supply systems, DC systems, uninterruptible power supply units, LVDBs with frequency controllers, power panels. Delivery - July 2014.

Facility: Pumping unit for external unstable condensate pumping of GTU-2, Severo- Urengoyskoye gas-condensate field.

Equipment: modular building of DB-TS-6/0,4 kV. Delivery - February 2014.

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