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CHETA LLC The company Major projects JSC «SEVERNEFTEGAZPROM»

(Equipment supply for the project «Yuzhno-Russkoye field. Installation of LNG processing equipment»).

Design organization: PJSC Yuzhniyigiprogaz, Donetsk

Contract signing date: December 2006

Delivery expectancy: Delivery expectancy: 31.04.2007

Actual delivery: March – April, 2007

Scope of delivery:

  • PCB panels with withdrawable units for water supply compressor station, methanol and regenerates compressor station, first and second gas drying units, switching valves and gas metering buildings, sewage treatment facility buildings, building of compressor pumping sewage into the layer.
  • Complete transformer substations 2KTPA-1000-10-10/0,4 kV for power supply building, water supply compressor.

Equipment information:

PCB with withdrawable units, complete transformer substations was designed by design organization PJSC Yuzhniyigiprogaz, Donetsk on the base of SIVACON cabinets with Siemens equipment.

«CHETA» LLC in the competitive struggle against foreign companies won a tender for the supply of PCB panels and complete transformer substations with withdrawable units for the facility «Construction of the Yuzhno-Russkoye field».

During the manufacturing process «CHETA» LLC has developed and agreed with design organization PJSC Yuzhniyigiprogaz and Customer OJSC Severneftegazprom design documentation for manufacturing of PCB panels with withdrawable units and complete transformer substations.

PCB panels are manufactured by «CHETA» LLC in its own design MB4000. Complete transformer substations - in the construction of «CHETA» LLC with breakers of General Electric, ALT is implemented on the base of industrial controller device and the connection between the PTS and APCMS is implemented via an optical cable.

Start-up operations:

The contractor performed the full scope of installation and commissioning works. Commissioning works were carried out by «CHETA». There were no claims to the quality of products in the process of performance of works from the contractor organization and from the Customer.

6 months have passed from the date of delivery of the main equipment until commissioning of facilities. It was made in contribute with that supply of PCB panels and complete transformer substations is made at a high technical level with all kinds of adjustments and tests at the manufacturing plant that allowed to make installation, commissioning of PCB panels of complete transformer substations with no load and under load in the shortest time. The ceremony of commissioning the Yuzhno-Russkoye field was held in October 2007 in the presence of First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PJSC Gazprom Dmitry Medvedev and Vice-Chancellor, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

In total were supplied the following:

At the end of 2008 were supplied complete transformer substations 2KTPP-1600/10 / 0.4 kVA, 2KTPA-1600С / 10 / 0.4 kVA of PCB panels with withdrawable units for the power unit of the Booster Compressor Shop No. 1. The full scope of installation and commissioning work was performed by the contracting company in 2009. The first stage of the Booster Compressor Shop No. 1 of the compressor station was put into operation in October 2010. Within the frames of project "Construction of the Yuzhno-Russkoye oil and gas field. UKPG. Booster Compressor Shop No. 1 (Second Stage)» the following supply was carried out:

  • Complete transformer substations 2KTPP-1600/1 0/0,4 kVА, 2KTPA- 1600С/10/0,4 kVА, of PCB panels with withdrawable units for power plant;
  • Complete transformer substations 2BKTP-1000/1 0/0,4-UHL1, 2 for «Hitch gathering point in Novy Urengoy»; 2BKTP-400/1 0/0,4 for «Field camp», 2BKTP-6З0/1 0/0,4 - UHL1 for «Prombaza»;
  • In the period from January 2015 until October 2015 complex of construction, installation and commissioning works for PTS, PCB and main technological equipment by the contractor was performed.

December 25, 2015 was put into commercial operation second stage of Booster Compressor Shop No. 1 of Yuzhno-Russkoye field.


«CHETA» LLC in the year of 2002 carried out the delivery of LVSD’s and PTS’s, conducted the commissioning of the equipment of the Yuzhno-Russkoye field OGCF of OJSC «Severneftegazprom». The delivered equipment is manufactured at a high technical level and modern element base. Applied system solutions provide reliable operation. In the course of joint work on the facilities of the field, high quality of equipment, timely fulfillment of contractual obligations and a high level of technical specialists of «CHETA» LLC were noted».

— OJSC «Severneftegazprom» General director - A.P. Popov

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