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CHETA LLC Production Packaged low-voltage devices with fixed and withdrawable units
Packaged low-voltage devices with fixed and withdrawable units Print

«CHETA» manufactures packaged low-voltage complete devices (LVCD’s) with fixed and withdrawable units based on GOST R 5132-2007, that’s simplified designing and supporting. It has design and circuit solutions, which make supporting more reliability and safety and targets to use devices of world’s and Russian leading companies. «CHETA»’s engineers could offer special versions for each LVCD according to a facility feature at a design stage. Remote input/output systems are integrated into LVCD, if it’s necessary, which admit to receive demands from an automatic control system and send information signals via a digital channel. LVCD’s are manufactured as per GOST R 5132.1-2007. LVCD consists of input panels for receive electricity generally with automatic transfer switch and line panels of electricity and control the electric drives of mechanisms and other consumers.

LVCD for input has different design types relative to main and secondary circuits. «CHETA» manufactures two series of LVCD’s with automatic transfer switch:

  • SH8301I for current up to 1600A and technical details NKU.140.010-10 are manufactured primary for LVCD with fixed units;
  • SH8310 for current up to 4000A and technical information NKU.140.112-10 are manufactured primary for LVCD with withdrawable units.

These devices guarantee comfortable and safe support in spite of relatively small dimensions.

LVCD’s based on withdrawable units meet up-to-date requirements of operation of handling safety, compactness and reliability performance. Recommendations of design works are in NKU.140.112-13. LVCD data target at an electric-light service of seamless process flow for a long period.

Advantages of panels with withderawable units:

  1. Panels could be connected to power transformers up to 2500kVA, this allows to control electric drives directly from LVCD, powered from transformers, which especially important for heavy-duty motor supply.
  2. Constructions of devices allow quickly replace a working unit for a backup unit. You can get out a unit for repair, change a control circuit, change rated current of units and add additional units for spare spaces at live panels with full securities.
  3. Control units have a test mode, this equates to check unit’s working capacity without load starting and check whole LVCD’s control system in the test mode.
  4. All current-carrying parts of LVCD’s are inaccessible for accidental contacts. There are two kinds of function devices’ units - 3b or 4b.

LVCD for distribution and control based on fixed units, it is designed and manufactured on the equipment of Russian and world’s leading companies. 1, 2a and 3b types of separations of the functional units are manufactured.

Designing recommendations for modular construction LVCD’s based on fixed units are in NKU.140.010-10. CHETA’s fixed units of control and current distribution have a wide functional and designing assortment. It targets to use devices of Russian and world’s leading companies; the decision is up to customers.

Mounting clips with spring contacts are used in secondary circuits of units, application of those increases reliability of LVCD, especially with vibrations and eliminate necessity for contact joints control during operation.

CHETA manufactures modular LVCD’s based on fixed units using following standard panels and units (which are listed in NKU.140.010-10):

  • Input panel with automatic transfer switch SH8330I series;
  • Control units of asynchronous motors with a short-circuited rotor series BMM5030;
  • Control units of asynchronous motors with a short-circuited rotor equipped by soft starter series BMP5130;
  • Control units of heaters and light series BMM9300;
  • Units of automatic protection switch series BMM8100;
  • Units of electric energy distribution series BMM8500.

«CHETA» manufactures low-voltage capacitor units as well.

Designing recommendations are in NKU.140.013-12.

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